Your wedding details Actually matter: From a Wedding PhotographeR

When I was 19 I REALLY learned what it meant to care about the Earth. I’m the LAST person to advocate for paper bills or printed advertisements. I’ve even considered leaving my insurance company several times because the amount of paper mail they send me (even AFTER I sign up for their “go-green” paperless service). Guys, why can’t they just figure it out?

During the time (yeeeeears ago) when I was refining my eye and skill for photography as a hobby, I wrote all of my required Gen. Ed research papers in college on sustainability, green diets, and how to reduce our carbon footprint. How in the world did I end up in the wedding industry, you ask? Same reason you’re in it: I fell in love; but, this time, I fell in love with the process of capturing your authentic love in a photograph…

[Long dreamy sigh] “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🥰”

But, let’s get back to that paper thing, because this is important! To be honest, I’m just about anti-paper at this point in my life. I try to keep my business as paperless as possible. E-vites and E-mails rock my world. It makes working with my couples so much better (who has time for filing, and paper contracts to sign?), but when it comes to their weddings, my mind is made up on three key things:

  1. Your wedding photographer should be like a great friend

  2. PRINT your favorite wedding photos (I know)

  3. PRINT a stunning wedding invite (Seriously, I KNOW)


Today I want to sharpen in on #3

Today I want to sharpen in on #3 - your stunning, amazing, personalized, not last season, timeless, impressive wedding invitations! Why is this important for gorgeous weddings? Well, as an experienced wedding vendor (at times closely associated, but not to be confused with Wedding Crasher), the details freakin’ matter. Like, a lot. If you’re the type of couple who cares at all about the look and feel of your wedding day (some of you don’t, and that’s still totally rad) then your details will absolutely matter. Every detail should be meaningful, your style, your personality together, essence of YOU so that your guests can walk into your world to celebrate with you, and not the other way around.

The very first detail they will see before even stepping foot in that church, or on that beach, or on that mountain top with the incredible views, and your flowing, perfect-laced dress walking down the aisle, and half-curled hair in the wind….wait, I got carried away. Are you still with me? The first detail they will see is: your wedding invitation! Ta-da! That will be the start to how you call them into your world, to celebrate your love, and to know you’re putting in a lot of time and work for this.

I have seen a lot of wedding invitations in my days. I’ve seen good ones, and I’ve seen great ones, but I don’t think it’s something that needs to create a lot of time, energy, or stress in order to be grand! Gals (and guys), as much as I say that the details matter, please don’t stress over them. Ever! They should be authentically you, easy, and fun. I’ve come across a custom invitation company that I really enjoy, so I thought I’d pass the information along, to make your wedding planning life a little simpler. I’ve held their products in my very hands, and can confidently say they produce great quality paper goods. It’s called Basic Invite, and their process is so simple, easy, and streamlined and I’m happy to promote them here.


Basic Invite

Design Custom Wedding Invites Online

They offer free wedding websites (Woohoo! There’s that digital age stuff I love so very much) in addition to over 900 options for wedding invitation sets, and tons of colors from which you can choose: Helloooo watercolored save the dates !

But my favorite feature, by far, is that they offer an option to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see what it looks like, and hold it in your hands before you pull that credit card trigger! How many of you have wasted lots of money and paper out there because something you printed out a hundred times without seeing a sample wasn’t quite right? I know I have, and then I cried a little inside, threw them in the recycle bin, and paid my respects to the trees who’s lives were sacrificed because I was a goof.

In a world where we have more loving couples who want to get married than trees to spare, the printed sample option is loving music to my ears. Shop their products, and design your wedding invitations online to see for yourself how you like it. Just between us, their customer service is literally the best-so please ask them if you have questions, or bug them like crazy on social media: @basicinvite - I’m sure they’ll love it.

Oh, and if you reach out to me, I have a personal discount code I’d be happy to share in order to make your experience THAT much better.

That’s it, ladies and gents. Get a great invite the first time around, and don’t waste ya paper.